Touchscreen thermostat
wifi enabled thermostat
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Climate thermostat
Touchscreen climate thermostat
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Climate Control Thermostat

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Smart thermostats can cleverly manage your heat and air conditioning, letting you avoid running those power-hungry systems unnecessarily. You'll be able to set timers or schedules to keep your home comfortable, and you can even remotely control your space.

Max. Current: 16A
Max. Voltage: 90-250V
Mechanical Life: 500000
Size: 86*86mm Square
Color: White/Black
Material: PC ABS
Certificate: CE
Mode: touch switch
Shape: round
Storage Temp: -5~
Sensor: NTC
Power Supply: 95-240V , 50-60hz
Work with: Amazon Alexa / Google Home

Product Description

 Wi-fi smart wall light switch smart electrical switch socket

 wifi smart wall light switch smart electrical switch socket